Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The Amazing Clearcalm 3
Claryfing Clay Cleanser by REN

Again, listening to Caroline Hiron's advices, I decided to get the REN Clearcalm Clay Cleanser. 

My go to cleansers right now are the Clarins Anti Pollution cleansing cream that I usually use in the morning, and a cleansing oil by Cattier for the evening. 
I have normal to combination skin, but I wanted to have a cleanser that suits my skin when it gets a bit spotty, and also a cleanser that simply deeply cleanse. I do use clay masks, let's say once a week, but it really strips my skin sometimes, and you have to wait 10 minutes.
Whereas with this, I just massage it into my skin for one minute, apply some water, it then turns into a milky texture, I rinse it with warm water, and I'm done.

This REN cleanser is the best cleanser I've ever tried. Here, I said it.

Let me explain why.

-  It really deeply cleanse : my skin is way clearer when I use it, I would even say brighter.
- The texture is really creamy but you can definitely feel the clay work its magic.
-  It goes on so smooth! Sometimes I leave it on for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it. It's like an express clay/hydrating mask

- It feels calming on the skin. Instantly.
- I love how the pump distributes the product perfectly, one pump is the exact amount for your face.

All in all, a fabulous cleanser! What's your favorite one?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Beauty Heroes

Cream blushers

These are my two Bobbi Brown blusher's. 

I was never a big fan of powder blushers, most of the time I find that you can see the powder actually sitting on the skin. Whereas, for me, a cream blusher is supposed to melt into the skin, and make you achieve this "glowy look from within". You know like you've just been running outside for hours, even if you don't really run at all...

Anyway, it's also easy to use. I just dab some blusher on my cheeks, and blend it with my fingers, you could obviously use a brush, but I quite like to use it with my fingers: free and precise. They're quite long wearing, also you can easily put them in your bag, the packaging is classic and it's got a little mirror in it: very handy.

Also I sometimes draw kind of a triangle shape from under the eyes to the middle of my cheek and slightly go up to the bridge of my nose. Very lightly of course, I'm not trying to look like a clown, but if you apply it well, and make sure to blend and soften the edges, it creates a nice fresh look.

These blushers are really pigmented and give a creamy - but not sticky - finish.

Like I said, I have two of these blushers, Pale Pink and Calypso Coral.  Oh and by the way they're called Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks. I only really use them on my cheeks but I've tried them both on the lips (I should tell you, I'm not a lipstick kind of girl), and the Pale pink looks pretty good, not sure about the coral one though.

Pale Pink on the left and Calypso Coral on the right
Pale pink is my personal favorite. It is a cold pink, the texture is very sheer which is nice because you can't go wrong with this one. You can easily build up the color, but it never looks too dense, it's very transparent, and bright.

They're quite expensive but they last for ages. I've just hit pan on Calypso Coral, and I bought it over a year ago, and use it pretty much 4 times a week. (That's weirdly precise, isn't it?) Calypso Coral is more of a summery shade, the color is so dense that maybe you could go wrong with this one if you're heavy handed. The color is vibrant and might work on different skin tones.

So yes, these are - some of - my beauty heroes. 

I'd say I would go out without everything but blush, it instantly makes me feel good. It lights up the face. And again, anything that can fake the "healthy lifestyle, running every day - or even every week (!) - spirit " is right up my alley!

Are you more into cream or powder blushers?

This is not a sponsored blog post. I bought the products myself.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things I should not tell you but ...

Promotional picture of The Wire

I've recently finished the series The Wire.

Some say it is the best show ever, I personally think it is a masterpiece. David Simon, the creator, is a journalist who worked in a paper in Baltimore for many years, the series is based on what he used to witness at that time.

Basically, it takes place in Baltimore, you get to "observe" drug dealers, police work, politics, corruption, the education system and just everyday citizen's problems and concerns. It goes on for 5 seasons, I've learned so much about all these topics while watching it.

Each season has a proper generic, it's the same song called Way down in the hole, but played by different artists.

Anyway, I've been watching all the episodes, and since the final one has ended, I really miss it. Like really. Like I play the songs of the generic on my iphone all the time, and even dream about the characters.

Yep, I told you, this is a new rubric "Things I should not tell you but..."

Here's a sneak peak of all the songs... Enjoy.

Saturday, 14 December 2013


All I want for Christmas #2

To carry on with first episode of the Christmas wish list, here are five other items that I'd love to get or simply dream of.

n°6. The perfect (tartan) scarf

I've discovered this scarf  from Johnstons of Elgin on the great blog Park and Cube, I would not want such an expensive scarf, even if this one has a perfect tartan, and it is cashmere, the dream.
Something similar still is, in my opinion, a wardrobe's essentiel.

n°7. Cleansing cream by Dr Hauschka

This cleansing cream has been on my list for a month now. (Yes I sort of have a real wish list, on paper and everything. That way, I can test my desire, and see if I really want to buy this or that item, if it does stay on the list, then it's worth it.) 
Natural ingredients, sweet almond oil, and a classic packaging = love it. I've nearly finished my Clarins smoothing cream: that, I think, could be next.

n°8. The ring

This ring from Lunaticart on Etsy is so delicate, thin and subtle. The shop has other great rings, and all the jewelry is in the same mood as this ring.

n°9. A huge tea mug

I haven't find the one yet. But I guess it could be in that spirit... You can find this polar bear mug here.

n°10. The perfect boots

No pictures because I'm still trying to find them! I'd like them to be made of black leather, with a small heel, chelsea or ankle, classic but long lasting, chic but easy to wear. These, from Garance Doré's blog are close to my dreamy shoes.

Picture taken by Garance Doré

End of the christmas list my dear fellows.

The next #list episode might be about wardrobe basics... yes, big plans!

Saturday, 7 December 2013


All I want for Christmas

It is time for Christmas wish lists.

I've always thought that the idea of sending a wish list to my family for my birthday or Christmas is so not spontaneous. 
But then I realised that it could be way easier for everyone, because let's face it, very often sometimes finding a great gift is hard. The key is to make a long list, and then you don't know what your family's gonna pick out of it. Surprise!

Today, I'm going to share with you 5 items that I really like/dream of. Here's a sneak peek into my list in no particular orders, well let's say, as it crosses my mind.

n°1. Pyjamas

A pyjama shirt like this COS one. Or just classic, old fashioned, grey or navy blue pyjamas with a pocket. The pocket has its role in my love for these kind of Pjs.

n°2. A film

Frances Ha by Noah Baumbach. Good reviews, the trailer already made me laugh, and I love the way the main character and co-writer of the film, Greta Gerwig, dances and falls all the time.

n°3 Christmas socks

Every year I ask for Christmas socks to my little brother. I just really like to have pretty socks on, who does doesn't right?

Usually I find nice ones in Gap, but this year I've been looking on the online shop, couldn't find anything. To give you an idea, here's a picture I found on Pinterest, (that makes me laugh because I imagine people puting their breakfast on the floor and pose in the middle to create an atmosphere.)
These are classic, but I also like socks with deers, snowflakes and even a santa claus. When I was living in London, Primark was great for that kind of purchase.

n°4. Ren products

I've never tried anything from Ren. I've recently discovered the french website - their online magazine is also really interesting, well documented and they also go into inspiring people's bathrooms like designers, makeup artists, etc - ohmycream sells some brands that are difficult to find in France and their online shop has nice gift sets for Christmas. 

This gift set features the Glycolic radiance renewal mask mask that I've been willing to try for a few months but have never decided myself to buy it because of the price. 

In this set of the Radiance range you get the Glycolic mask full size+ 25 ml of the Micro polish cleanser + 10 ml of the Radiance perfection serum and two 2 ml samples of the Resurfacing AHA concentrate. The entire set could be yours for 39€. 

Considering that on the website the mask only usually costs 46,60€, it's a bargain.

n°5. Muji Candles

To be honest, I really want to buy myself a Feu de bois Dyptique candle one day. 
But for now, I might go for this muji candle which is, according to the lovely Anna from viviannadoesmakeup, very similar to the Dyptique one, and actually has the exact same name.

That's it for today, but it is just the beginning of my wish list, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Comfort clothes

Yesterday I watched Four weddings and a funeral. I've seen it many times, but I thought, 1st of December, it might be the day for a christmassy film. 

Do you feel that too?

I know it is not per se a Christmas film, but it's cheerful, funny and easy to watch and, for me it has a lot do with the fact that it is british, and pretty much anything british makes me happy.

Back to fashion now.

Carrie alias Andie MacDowell wears spectacular hats and dresses during the weddings. But outside of that, when she's walking around in London, she wears oversized coats, large trousers and plain t-shirts. She basically looks so comfy.

Here is one of the look I prefer.

I also really appreciate Hugh Grant's shirt, but that's an other story.

So, quite large plaid shirt. And a white t-shirt underneath.

The bob haircut, and the quite masculine outfit work really well together I think. 
But, in the film, Carrie wears makeup (among other things I guess, healthy blush and mascara) and has long silver earrings. . 
She also could have been wearing her hair in a bun and a necklace, details make it coherent. 

It's like she's so sexy she doesn't need heels, or a skirt, she can just walk out her door wearing classic masculine clothes, she picks up earrings, dot some blusher on her cheeks, (maybe this Bobbi Brown pot rouge in pale pink?) and she's ready for the world.

Again, I sort of find that this outfit is christmassy (how many times have I said this word today?). Maybe because comfort is something you want/need in winter, more than ever. 

This outfit is fashion inspiration of the week.

Also, this happened in my flat...

This is going to be a good day/week/month.

Friday, 15 November 2013


Isabel Marant for H&M: The hunt

9:30 in the morning Drank my coffee, sort of ready to go. Still, one question: why am I doing this already?

10 There's a queue in front of the shop. It's raining.
I'm casually going to the end of the queue, thinking "I'm not one of those girls right?" Starting to feel embarrassed. People walking by are staring at us. I'm cold already. 

10.10 Girls are comig out of H&M with huge bags full of clothes. The fabric of the clothes seems great.

10.30 I'm convincing myself that I'm doing research for my blog, feeling like Carrie Bradshaw. 
Some girls are moving forward, pretending to look at the queue and then they just go in front of people and win a few places. I just think "We should be in it together."

10.45 Because it's my first time going to H&M collaborations, I just understood how it works. Every twenty minutes a small groupe goes in the shop. It's not going to be my turn any time soon.
Some girls came together, they're quietly elaborating plans to get the what they want. "I want the silver skirt in size something, so if you see it keep it for me." 

10.50 I don't even like Isabel Marant's clothes that much.
But the collection is cheap compared to the usual prices of the brand. That's why I've never bought any Isabel Marant stuff before. But today is the day.

(The day before I checked out the collection on the internet. The only thing I loved - and have always loved about Isabel Marant collections actually - : coats. All of them were amazing, I had a preference for the oversized one, and the wool blazer. So I had a goal: just look at the coats.)

10.55 I had no idea but H&M opened at 8 this morning. Girls were waiting outside since 5 am. I'm so not a fashionista. 

11 Now that I'm here, I'm so going to get that coat. I'm never going to leave my spot.

11.10 I'm so close to the doors. People are coming out of H&M with small bags.
Even worse: a girl with great style who just got in before me goes out of the shop with no bags. Nothing. I'm sure all the coats are gone. 

11.20 I'm in! "Ok everyone, you have twenty minutes to choose, try on and pay. Do not run I'll show you the way. Do not take the same item twice. Enjoy!"
Ok, now I'm stressed out. I suddenly think about an episode from Friends when Monica has to fight to get her wedding dress. I'm not even a fighter, why am I here again?

11.22 Have seen the coats. My heart is racing. No wool blazer anymore. Grey coats not my size. Oversized coat. Yay, my size. Got it.

11.24 Trying on, sending a picture to a friend. In my head it goes: "It's a bit big, but it's oversized, so it is meant to be big. There are no smaller sizes anyway. The fabric is great, and it's 70% wool. Is it too big though? It would be my first Isabel Marant piece. I look like a character from old Woody Allen's films, it has to be a good thing. No? Also if you have to get something from this collection, it has to be a coat, right?"

11.32 "8 minutes, you have 8 minutes left!"

11.33 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

11.36 I'm out. I'm walking by the queue outside (lots of people are still waiting), with my huge bag and my new amazing coat in it. Woop Woop. 

11.40 If it doesn't really fit me, I'll sell it online.

11.42 No I won't. Fought for it, keeping it. 

8 pm Still cannot believe I did it, but I do think it was worth it. This coat makes a real fashion statement.